Dairymac Superthaw 120V & 12V DC w/ Flip Lid

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Product Description

  • 2 year warranty with repairs done in the US
  • Adjustable digital temperature 20-45°C / 68-113°F - May be used for Embryo Transfer work and AI work
  • (99% accuracy) which can be set at correct temperature for normal and sexed semen
  • Built in countdown timer with buzzer – one button operation
  • Flip Lid with waterproof seal and one handed opening and fast access for AI Technicians
  • Large removable straw basket
  • Fully insulated flask to help retain heat
  • Latest low energy use rated electronics
  • Supplied with 120vdc & 12vdc power supplies
  • CE, UL and cUL compliant
  • Superthaw Recharge  has a built in Ni Cad Battery to give 5 hours off grid heating
  • Superthaw Recharge™  will seemlessly switch from Mains Power to Mobile Battery Power to Vehicle Power and back at any time.