Professional Embryo Transfer Supply, Inc.

PETS supplies embryologists around the world with most of the products that are needed to perform bovine, equine and ovine embryo transfer. For more than a quarter century PETS has been a world leader as an embryo transfer supply company. Our goal has always been and remains your success through excellent customer service, the best possible quality products and our continued quest for customer satisfaction. This includes same day shipping on most domestic and international orders to allow for a more timely delivery and optimal inventory control.


Veterinary Drug Purchase Order Form

If you are not a Veterinarian or do not have a DVM on staff, the State of Texas requires us to have this form on file to be able to ship to you. Please have your Veterinarian fill this form out and either fax or e-mail it back to us. An example form is provided for you.


Price List & Credit Card Authorization Form

We try to absorb most minor price changes but we sometimes have no other choice than pass on a price increase without prior notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we hope that you understand our position.


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Cystorellin, Folltropin, Lutalyse, Eazi-Breed, Estrotect, Factrel, Lidocaine, Bacteriostatic & more.

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4-Well Dish, 12-Well Trypsin Wash Dish, Petri Dish, 6-Well Conical Dish, 6-Well Cluster Dish & more.

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IVF Gun Warmer, Filter Warmer, Oocyte Aspiration Dish, Insulated Gun Warmer, OPU Needle & more.

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Transfer & Freezing

AI / ET / IVF Gun Warmer, IMV Universal Sheath, Glycerol, Centerfuge Tube, Cult Tube & more.

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A.I. & Equipment

Insulated Gun Warmer, Straw Adapter, IMV Soft Palpation Sleeve, AI / ET / IVF Gun Warmer & more.

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Stroebech IVF Media

Warming Kits, Vitrification Kits, Washes & more.

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